Wire Line Core Barrel

Key Features

  • Induction hardened
  • Case-hardened threads
  • Seam less alloy tube

FMS Wire line Core Barrels and Over shots

FMS supply quality wire line drill rods in the following sizes:


FMS supply quality casing in the following sizes:



NQ Exploration drill rods,

  • Induction hardened
  • Case-hardened threads
  • Seam less alloy tube
  • 3 meter Long, 19 x rods per bundle Special Offer Price = US $80 per rod (Excluding freight)

FOCUS MINING SERVICES supplies a range of good quality core barrels, head assemblies and over shots. Every component is manufactured to the highest quality and is compatible with the corresponding core barrels and parts of other manufacturers.

We have a team of highly experienced engineers which is an integral part of the R&D commitment that we offer with our product.

The FMS Wire line Drill rods and Casings are manufactured to the highest standards and sourcing highest quality cold drawn seamless tube SAE 4130/ SAE 5130.

we have the solution for all your drilling requirements.

Manufactured to the DCDMA International and ISO standards, our rods are compatible with industry leaders.

Exploration-r1 Heat Treated & Induction Hardened Drill Rods
  • Induction case hardened box end 50-55 RC
  • Heat treated rod ends 30-35 RC up to a length of 200mm
  • Case hardened crest of pin threads 50-55 RC max depth 0.5mm

Gall Free Wire line Drill Rods

  • Heat treated rod ends 30-35 RC up to a length of 200mm.
  • Latest surface treatment technology creates microscopic layer on the metal surface improving wear resistance and friction.

FMS supply a complete range of core barrel assemblies and all associated spare parts to suit the following:- B/WL, N/WL, H/WL and P/WL coring systems

  • Vertical down to -45° angle holes
  • DCDMA standard sizes
  • Double tube and triple tube systems
  • Gravity overshot assemblies
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
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